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Well-defined and nicely shaped eyebrows frame your face and can make a dramatic difference to your overall appearance.

Beautiful full brows define your features, highlight your eyes and make you look younger and feel more confident.

With Cosmetic Tattooing, gone are the days of having to fill in thin or unbalanced eyebrows that have no shape or density.

Common scenarios we can help

Whether your brows need a small scar covered, a few hair strokes to fill a bald patch or a full ombre colour, Gayle will create subtle and natural eyebrows that will perfectly suit the shape of your face.

Using a variety of techniques depending on your needs, Gayle creates soft brows with a layered technique that gives both depth and texture for the most natural looking brows.

If you want fuller, perfectly shaped, symmetrical brows that are long-lasting and natural looking check out the varying techniques below.



Microblading is also known as Hair Strokes, Feather Touch Tattoo, Feathering, Eyebrow Embroidery and Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo.

Microblading mimics the appearance of hair in the eyebrow line. By using a fine point manual hand tool, we etch small hair strokes into the skin which look identical to hairs.

Our microblading hand piece has a unique pointed tip which allows us to precisely place each hair stroke to mirror the pattern of natural brow growth.

The pigment is implanted into the Basal Membrane which sits between the dermis and the epidermis of the skin. This treatment is classed as semi-permanent and won’t last as long as normal machine produced tattooed eyebrows.

Therefore, the only downside to this technique is it will only last between 12 to 18 months. This is because the finest needles are used, and the pigment will fade naturally over time.


Hair Strokes (also known as Micro-blading) softly enhances your look in a natural way and is suited to anyone just wanting to add a bit more volume to a particular area of the brow.

This technique is very popular as people are opting for the fine and natural results this procedure offers.

However, not every skin type is suitable for micro-blading. If you have very oily skin or open pored skin micro-blading is not recommended as over time the strokes will blend together.

treatment time

Get naturally defined brows in 1.5 hours.



Eyebrow feathering is the most popular technique we perform.

The combination of shading and hair strokes for the brows gives you the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with permanent shading and your natural brow hair.

This is slightly more permanent than micro-blading alone. This technique is done with both a machine and a hand tool.


This method is for someone who really needs a reshape and has little or no hair left. The background shading does help consolidate the shape and the hair strokes coming through create a lovely natural look.

treatment time

Eyebrow Feathering in 1.5 hours.



Ombre Brows is the latest technique taking the world by storm

The ombre effect gives a shadow look – as if you had applied a brow powder. This brow technique achieves a fantastic, shading effect creating a dark, dramatic arch that fades into lighter tones.

Our ombre brows treatment creates a stunning appearance for various complexions and face shapes.


Not everyone is suitable to have their eyebrows micro bladed, older skin or an oilier skin are not ideal, and the results will vary. Therefore, this ombre brow technique is suitable for these candidates.

The Ombre effect is suited to those with some hair growth but would like more definition or a better shape. Not only will it give depth and shape it can also have a beautiful soft powder finish.

To further create the perfect brow occasionally (if suitable) hair strokes are used particularly at the front of the brow to finish the look.

treatment time

Ombre Eyebrows in 1.5 hours.



Slow Build Brows are conducted over a few sessions and slowly build natural looking brows.

Each Build or Session is one hour. Each build is reinforced before the second build takes place. Usually 2 or 3 sessions is needed for that perfect look. A consultation will allow Gayle to determine whether you are a candidate for this style.


This is for those gorgeous brows that are almost perfect but have a few gaps or lack a bit of height.

Perfect for those people who are not sure how dense they would like their brows. This technique lets you build them over a few sessions so you can monitor how you feel about them after each session.

treatment time

Slow Build Eyebrows in 1 hour.

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Because brow shaping isn’t a one-size-fits-all, Gayle likes to see each client prior to their appointment to decide what techniques will give the best and most natural result.

During your consultation, Gayle will assess your natural colourings, face shape, skin type and desired look to ensure the right treatment is recommended for you.

Your eyebrows will be waxed and tinted (if necessary) to define what hair you have to work with, then measuring will take place to work out where your arch should be, how high it should be, where the tail should land and how long it should be.

Your consultation includes a before and after shot so you can see for yourself the difference it makes. You will be astounded at what a difference it will make to your overall look.

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