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Cosmetic Tattoo Lip treatments discreetly enhance your lips giving you a fuller, natural look. It is also ideal to cover any scarring on your lips or unevenness in your lip shape.

All treatments include lip liner to define your lip shape along with a carefully blended fill-in / blush effect which is colour descending down and ascending up from the liner for a very natural look.

Common scenarios we can help

Cosmetic Tattooing on your lips can make a real difference to your look, the results can enhance your smile and make you look more youthful and vibrant.

what happens during & after the treatment?


You will have already had your initial consultation where we discuss exactly what you’re looking for, including the colour and shape.

On arrival on your treatment day, Gayle will clean your lips and cover your lips with numbing cream for 15 minutes.

She will then infuse the colour into your skin using a pen-like device, carefully shading your lips with tiny doses of pigment that are deposited below the skin’s surface to create your new lip contour and blush.

Your job is to relax and keep as still as possible. You should feel minimum pain throughout the treatment.

treatment time

Cosmetic Tattoo Lips in 1.5 hours.

after care

After your lip tattoo treatment, your lips will be swollen and the colour effect of the tattoo very pronounced. Don't panic this is normal and the colour will fade significantly (up to 80%). Your lips will be dry, tight and slightly uncomfortable so it is advisable to plan a quiet day or two after this procedure.

Lip color tattoos take about 5-7 days to peel, during this time you MUST keep the area moist with the healing cream we give you.

Avoid salty, vinegary & spicy foods during the healing time. Also avoid the sun, swimming in chlorinated water, spa or hot sauna, touching with unclean hands, any cream or makeup other than our recommmended healing cream.

We always want to avoid a scab situation occurring. No picking the tattooed area as colour can come away whilst bonding.

FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENT: Be sure to book your follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment.

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To ensure you get your perfect lip tattoo Gayle likes to see each client prior to their appointment.

During your consultation, Gayle will assess your natural colourings, face shape, skin type and desired look to ensure the right treatment is recommended for you.

Your consultation includes a before and after shot so you can see for yourself the difference it makes.

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