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Gayle Smith, Cosmetic and Medical Tattoo specialist is pleased to offer non-laser tattoo correction at her clinics in Perth and Busselton, Western Australia.

Gayle specialises in the correction of badly done or old-school style cosmetic tattoos.

Non-laser tattoo removal is an all-natural method of lightening or correcting tattoos that utilises no toxins or acids, making it safer than traditional laser tattoo removal.

Using this method Gayle achieves fast, safe and effective results, often in just 1-5 treatments!

benefits of non-laser tattoo correction

methods used

Slight imperfections can often be covered up by a camouflage colour using clever techniques. We can often colour-correct, lighten or improve with skilled layering of corrective pigments.

In the event that colour can’t be used to correct the tattoo Gayle recommends non-laser tattoo correction to draw unwanted colour from the skin.

We have two non-laser tattoo methods we work with. One is with Lactic Acid and the other is with Saline solution. Both methods are extremely effective, however the Saline method is more favoured for the face.

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If you have had a bad experience or not got the exact results you wanted, book a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns with Gayle.

Gayle recommends sending her good quality, close up photos of the area of concern. Gayle can then assess your situation and recommend a treatment plan to lighten or correct your tattoo.

Gayle’s extensive experience will ensure you receive the best advice and treatment possible to get you the results you desire.

Consultation is Complimentary.

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